How Google Saved my Daughters Life

So if yo are reading this based on the title you must be wondering what I am talking about. How could Google save a life? Last week my daughter began to complain of headaches and proceed to vomit many many times. In most cases I would not have thought twice about the situation, until I began my search on Google.

Like many people we want what is best for our children and rarely is stepping foot in an emergency room in the middle of the night best for anyone. Well after reading about how my daughter may be severely dehydrated, I rushed her to the ER in the middle of the night. By the time we arrived she had returned her dinner 12 times and added to the number in the waiting room. Upon a brief checkup from a young doctor I was told she was fine and would be released in a few hours when the shift changed. Over the next few hours my daughter who is 4 continued to throw up and was getting worse and worse by the minute. Finally, a senior doctor came in and examined her and said he suspected meningitis. Now that did not sound good.

As she lay on the bed in the ER I bbegan to learn about everything there is on Meningitis by searching Google on my Blackberry. It helped me understand what the doctors were doing and what questions to ask. and a plethora of other great sites helped me educate myself as to what was going on. If I didn’t have this info to begin with I would have waited to speak with a doctor in the morning.

Thanks Google now I only think you are evil sometimes.



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2 responses to “How Google Saved my Daughters Life

  1. Glad it worked out fine. While it has never saved my life, it saves my ass almost everyday. All my projects and assignments go much faster thanks to those guys. If only I could turn off those annoying ads, I would be a very happy user…

  2. Mayer

    Well it saves mine too. Those ads on the other hand help me make my living in the world of search marketing.

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